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The Hardest Part is
knowing where to Start

Bridging the gap between education and occupation 

How We Help

Between education and your future career, there is a transition point that can be unsettling. It is at this stage that a proper plan and deliberate guidance can be the difference between a mediocre job and a meaningful career. 



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Life After High School


A University degree is not necessary, however a strategic plan after high school is. Every youth has ideas, let's make a plan both the student and parents align with.

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Is this Degree for me?


Finish what you started, or start something you want to finish. There is a fork in every road, we always have the power to change direction. 

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Life After Graduation


I have my degree but I'm not sure what I want next. Do I go back to school or my old job? We could, or we could do something we haven't done before.

Parent, 48
Mary I.

"My son had a hard time getting interviews after graduating college. Alex at Career Pursuit helped him with his resume and interviewing. He is now employed as an IT Technician Lead"

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