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Client Success Stories


Marina K,
Marketing Manager


I had an incredible experience with Alex as my career pursuit coach. His expertise and genuine commitment make him an outstanding resource for anyone seeking career success. He guided me through the entire job search process, from editing my resume for efficiency, using  AI processes, to teaching me effective strategies for navigating today’s tough job market. Most importantly, he provided support and boosted my confidence. Alex didn't just help me land a job; I also gained valuable skills and confidence to apply for an even better position on my own next time.

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John M, Community Support

Alex ensured through each step of his process that the goals of his clients remained his centre focus while also encouraging them to push the envelope on what they might think is achievable; a testament yet again to his passion and character.

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Adam S, Teacher

I had the privilege of working with Alex at Career Pursuit, and I'm thrilled with the results. Alex's guidance was exceptional.

Alex's expertise and dedication are outstanding. They helped me consider new career ideas I hadn't thought of, and together, we crafted a strategy that led to success.

What sets Alex apart is their unwavering commitment to my success. They revamped my resume, offered interview coaching, and boosted my confidence. With their help, I landed a job perfectly aligned with my aspirations.!

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Elena B
Textile Designer

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"When I decided to transition from freelancing to seeking employment in my field, I reached out to Alex among three other career coaches. As a newcomer aware of the significance of Canadian experience, I lacked confidence on how to kickstart this transition.


I chose Alex, as he stood out with his immediate support, motivation, and a well-structured, hands-on program. He played a pivotal role in crafting a compelling resume that showcased my skills and provided invaluable assistance with cover letters, boosting my self-presentation. With Alex's guidance, I secured a job perfectly aligned with my skills, which is extremely rare to find in the GTA job market.


His total commitment, encouragement, and positive support were instrumental in my professional success. He has the knowledge, he has the talent, and most of all, he puts his heart into helping people."

Sarath S
Mechanical Engineer


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As a newly landed immigrant in Toronto, and having no clue about the job prospects in town, my search was going in vain, until I met Alex from Career Pursuit.


Working with Alex has been an absolute pleasure. His expertise in resume creation has transformed my professional image and Alex's strategic approach to LinkedIn and email communication has been instrumental in expanding my network and fostering meaningful connections. His guidance and support have not only increased my confidence but also provided me with clear direction and valuable insights into advancing my career goals. Alex is more than just a coach, as a nice person, he pushes you to lengths you thought you couldn't reach.


Overall, my experience with Alex has been incredibly positive, and I'm grateful for his exceptional assistance in navigating my professional journey and I'm confident that I'll be landing a job soon.

I would recommend Alex in a blink of an eye if anyone is out there struggling with their job search. Good Luck.

Igor B
Sales Strategist

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I worked with Alex for about 6 weeks. I had a great time working with him and getting his support and expertise as we navigate through several aspects of a job hunt that in most cases your school’s employment advisor don’t go through with you.


To highlight a few I’d say the personalized interview preparation with specific questions and possible answers, job hunt and task planning, LinkedIn outreach, salary negotiation training. Another important aspect I would like to mention is about Alex himself. He’s more than a mentor but also a very nice person who pushes you to go a bit further and gives you that boost of confidence that sometimes we lack as we go through this exhausting job hunting process.


Before starting working with him I thought I was ready but I feel 100% more confident and on track now, and I’m sure that will be landing a job very soon! Thanks Alex! I’d recommend him 1000%.

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