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Parent Information

Why It Works 

1. Work with what they have

We identify core skills, qualities, and interests 

2. Identify where they want to be

Where they want to be is step 10. We’ll help through the journey of steps 1-9

3. Understand how to represent ourselves 

Properly representing ourselves through the questions we ask, the resumes we submit, and how we handle the interview process is crucial to our success.

4. Become immersed in the community we want a career in

This is called the proximity principle. Understanding how to find mentors, recruiters, and events in your desired field is one of our methods to finding a meaningful career

5. Achieve our desired career through a targeted and professional outreach

We learn how to approach the world of work as the professional we want to be seen as


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Life After High School


A University degree is not necessary, but a strategic plan after high school is. Every youth has ideas, let's make a plan both the student and parents align with.

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Is this Degree for me?


Finsh what you started, or strat something you want to finsih. There is a fork in every road, we always have the power to change direction. 

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Life After Graduation


I have my degree but I'm not sure what I want next. Do I go back to school or my old job? We could, or we could do something we haven't done before.

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